Vancouver Community College Hairstylist Apprenticeship Pathway

E arn a B.C. trade certificate and launch your hairstyling career while you learn the latest techniques in cutting, styling, colouring, shaving, extensions, and chemical treatments at Vancouver Community College. 

Vancouver Community College (VCC) offers a hairstylist apprenticeship pathway and Red Seal Endorsement (RSE). 

Hairstylist Level 1 Apprenticeship

The Hairstylist Level 1 course is intended for apprentices seeking to enter the hair industry and provides students with a thorough up-to-date hairstylist training experience with both fundamental theory and practical techniques. It includes customized cutting and shaving, style up-dos and additions, chemical straightening and colour correction. It also incorporates business practices. Students train in classrooms and a state of the art salon at VCC's Downtown campus, with ample opportunity to practice their skills. Students will then be eligible to enroll in the Hairstylist Level 2 Apprenticeship course once they have completed the ITA standardized written exam.

Hairstylist Level 2 Apprenticeship

This course is intended for apprentices currently working in the hair industry who have completed the Hairstylist Foundation program, Hairstylist Level 1 Apprenticeship or wishes to challenge the Hairstylist Red Seal examination.

Upon completion of Level 2 of the hairstylist apprenticeship, VCC students will now also have the opportunity to earn a nationally recognized Red Seal Endorsement (RSE), giving them the ability to work anywhere in Canada without rewriting provincial license exams.

  • This program is available to Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

Start Dates Vary