Learn how to become a Registered Massage Therapist

Professionally trained Registered Massage Therapists learn how to relieve pain, rehabilitate injuries and reduce stress. If you like working with people and have an interest in human anatomy becoming a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) could be the career for you.

RMT programs generally begin with the fundamentals; learning about the human anatomy and physiology and continue on to learn the theories and techniques of muscle and soft tissue manipulation. A part of the Massage therapy programs, students get hands-on experience with working with clients to practice their new skills.  

Becoming an RMT has its perks among those working in a variety of professional settings, including spas, hospitals and fitness centres; or they make their own schedules by building a client network of private homes and offices.  

Continued growth of the spa industry is creating openings for massage therapists in hotels and at resorts. Registered Massage Therapists are also in greater demand as alternative methods of pain control and preventative medicine move into the healthcare mainstream. Learn more.