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Nimbus School of Recording & Media, located in Vancouver, BC, is an accredited recording arts and music production and media school, offering 12-month diploma and fast-track certificate programs.  Nimbus School offers diplomas in music production, audio engineering, and game audio and sound.

Students benefit from 24-hour access to the studios and equipment and mentorship from faculty, as well as networking opportunities with industry guest lecturers.

Nimbus School Programs

Music and Audio Programs

  • Artist Development
  • Audio Engineering
  • Audio Engineering & Studio Production
  • Content Creation
  • Electronic Music Production
  • Introduction to the Music Industry
  • Live Sound Recording & Mixing
  • Music Industry Entrepreneurship
  • Post and Game Audio Production
  • Studio & Electronic Music Production

Advanced Studio Production

The Studio Music Production Program is an intensive program designed to help you master the craft of producing studio-based music recordings.

Artist Development

The intensive four-month Artist development program provides real industry training focusing on songwriting, brand & identity, personal style, performance, and basic audio engineering and music production.

Audio Engineering

A 12-month audio engineering program that provides the skills and training to become a Professional Audio Engineer to perform acoustic alterations, mixing and mastering the art and science of audio engineering.

Audio Engineering & Studio Production

The Audio Engineering & Studio Production program is a comprehensive program providing you with the skills and knowledge to master the art and science of audio engineering. Learn to engineer complex recording sessions; edit audio to professional standards, use advanced mixing and signal processing techniques; maintain, repair and build audio equipment; and perform acoustic alterations to any space.

Content Creation

A 4-month program where students learn how to write, shoot, edit and deliver professional looking video content in various formats.  Students gain technical and practical skills alongside principles and theory and will be expected to skillfully pre-produce, write, film, edit and colour correct interviews, short stories and live multi-camera studio productions.

Electronic Music Production

The 48-week Electronic Music Production program has been designed by STEP (Sleepy Tom, Tails, Ekali and Pomo), to equip you with hands-on training to obtain cutting edge skills in songwriting, production, performance, and music business for promoting your own commercially ready, high quality music. With this skill set, you will be fully equipped to be a Professional Electronic Music Producer & DJ.

Introduction to the Music Industry

Upon completion of this Intro to the Music Industry program, you will have skills in the technical areas of the industry such as signal flow, working with patch bays, editing and mastering music. You will also gain a strong sense of the music business in roles such as scouting talent, managing artists, planning and running live events, and marketing.

Live Sound Recording & Mixing

In the 48-week long Live Sound Recording & Mixing Program, you will acquire the crucial skills of live sound engineering to be a Professional Sound Engineer / Sound Technician.

Music Industry Entrepreneurship

Learn all about the music industry in this 32-week Music Industry Entrepreneurship program where you will delve into all areas of music business from marketing & business plans, event production, promotion, tour management, artist management, public relations and more!

Post and Game Audio Production

Upon completion of the 12-month Post & Game Audio Production Program, you will have acquired the skills focused on recording, foley, sound effects and interactive sound design for film, TV, video games, and animation.

Studio & Electronic Music Production

This is a 16-month music production program that takes you through four stages of learning, beginning with an introduction to audio engineering, then music production, advance studio production, and then into advanced electronic music production.

Nimbus School Admission Requirements

  • You must be a high school graduate or at least 19 years of age. 
  • Students seeking admission into Live Sound Mixing and Recording (LIVE 200) and Artist Development Programs (ADEV100) must be at least 19 years of age at the first day of the course.
  • International students are required to show proof of English proficiency. Minimum scores showing the following TOEFL 65 and IELTS 5.5 will be accepted. International students also need to obtain a valid study permit before the first day of class.
  • No technical knowledge is required
Technical Requirements
  • In addition to the admission requirements, you must meet hardware and software requirements by the time you start your course. Contact Nimbus School for details.



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