triOS College Launches Insurance Specialist Program

triOS College Business Technology Healthcare is introducing a new a new Insurance Specialist diploma program, beginning in the Spring 2017.

This program focuses on property and casualty insurance and is designed to address the need for workers to replace a retiring workforce in the insurance industry. triOS collaborated with industry leader ILScorp, Canada’s largest online insurance training provider for the P&C industry, in the development of this program.

triOS Corporation has licensed ILScorp’s curriculum to embed it within their program, ensuring that students obtain the highest standard training possible.

The Insurance Specialist program includes a 2-month internship and preparation for the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO) exam.

“Companies need people who have the specific skills that belong to their industry,” says Frank Gerencser, CEO of triOS Corporation. “The goal of this program is to give students all the insurance specific skills that they need, as well as the workplace expertise that will help them succeed.” 

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