triOS College and Eastern College Extend Bursary for Laid-off Retail Workers

Earlier this month, Canada’s oldest retailer Hudson’s Bay, announced that it is cutting 2,000 jobs (about 4 percent of it’s workforce) across North America.  These job cuts, along with other recent retail chain closures has impacted many people in Ontario and Atlantic Canada. 

triOS College and Eastern College want to help those who wish to pursue new career paths by making it easier to get job retraining by offering a tuition bursary of up to $1500* for those who meet the criteria**, towards a diploma program of their choice.

“As career colleges, triOS and Eastern College provide training to get laid-off employees back into the workforce,” says Stuart Bentley, the President of triOS Corporation. “Our bursary is a financial contribution to help people explore their career options.”

This bursary is available at all triOS College (9) and all Eastern College (4) campuses throughout Ontario and in Atlantic Canada. triOS College and Eastern College offer specific career training in areas such as Health Care, Business, Technology, Law and Supply Chain Management, and has helped thousands of people get back into the workforce.

*Bursary amount is based on the duration of the program

Retail Bursary (25-49 week program)
Retail Bursary (50-70 week program)
Retail Bursary (71-94 week program)

Bursary Criteria:

This retail bursary is open to students who meet the following 4 criteria:

  1. Student must be laid off from a retail store after June 1, 2017
  2. Student is enrolled in a full time diploma program that includes one of the durations listed above
  3. Student must have a start date between June 1, 2017 and July 31, 2018
  4. Student must provide proof of previous employment in a retail job. Proof may include T-4 slips or statement of earnings from the retail employer

All bursaries must be reported to student loan or any other funding agencies. This bursary may not be combined with any other bursary or program discount. Not eligible for students who receive any reduced tuition fees such as advanced standing. This bursary is pro-rated if student withdraws.

See all the programs offered at triOS College or Eastern College and request more information directly from an education consultant.