Soft Skills are in Demand

LinkedIn’s 2016 Soft Skills Report found that 67 percent of Canada’s hiring managers found it more difficult to find candidates with the right soft skills, compared with 49 per cent who said it was difficult to find those with the right technical skills.

Danielle Restivo, director of global communications at LinkedIn advises that if you haven’t highlighted soft skills on your resumé or LinkedIn profile, you should go back and do so.

The best way to showcase your soft skills is through storytelling. “When you describe what you’ve accomplished, also describe the soft skills you put into action to get there,” Restivo says.  Reference a project where you had to work with others, the challenges you encountered and how you overcame them and achieved concrete results instead of saying you re a result-driven team player

Potential employers need employees with not only the hard skills required for the position, but soft skills such as collaboration and teamwork will set you apart from the competition.

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